Research Outline

Expensive Air Jordans


Determine important elements within the fitness wearables market. The information will be used for a business pitch.

Early Findings

Because there are many markets for Jordans (collectors, enthusiasts, trendsetters) it is difficult to say which Jordans are the most expensive since there is a wide variance based on there being standard retail market prices and collectors’ prices.
  • The original price of Air Jordans (originally released in April 1985) was $65.
  • The latest edition, released in September 2019, named XXXIV (Air Jordan 34) have an original retail price of $180.
  • A list of the 10 most valuable sneakers of 2019 Q3 contains details noting that Travis Scott X Nike Air Jordan 1 Low sells, on average, for $776; the Nike Air Jordan 1 "Satin Black Toe" resales for $773.
  • According to a report released on November 8, 2019, the most expensive pair of Air Jordans that ever sold were Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game); they were given to a ballboy and sold on eBay for a record $104,765.
  • However, a list created in July 2019, notes that the Nike Air Jordan 1 "Legends of Summer Black," has an average resale price of $6,400.
  • Still, another list from June 2019, notes that the "Air Jordan V 'Trophy Room' (Friends & Family)" is one of the most expensive sneakers sold in 2019. This sneaker resales for $5,213.
  • Other marketplaces, like Stadium Goods, have Jordans for even higher prices. Air Jordan 5 Retro Michigan Fab 5 and Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem X Carhartt sold for $20,000.
  • Drake collaborated with Nike and Matthew Senna for “Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans” which are coated in 24k gold and weigh 50lbs each. The set costs $2 million.
  • The first year the Air Jordan 1 was sold, its sales generated $100 million in revenue. (Also, this video is a fun and quick documentary on why Nike Air Jordans are so expensive).