Research Proposal

Fleet Companies by State


To obtain a list of fleet companies in the U.S., broken out by state. Then, for each company, identify which class of vehicles they lease/manage.

Early Findings

  • Automotive Fleet published a directory of fleet management companies, with their locations. There are a total of 149 companies on the list, although not all are located in the U.S. The first five that are in the U.S. were put into the attached spreadsheet.
  • Once the companies were in the spreadsheet, the websites were visited to see if any details on the classes of vehicles offered was provided. For the first company, AAcrossUSA Auto Transport, there were no details on the vehicle classes. The websites for the second company, ABS National Auto Services, and the third company, Advanced Auto Appraisers, were not active.
  • When the fourth company on the list, Affordable auto title, was found to be a title and bonding company, it indicated that this list was not going to be a useful source.
  • A report from Deloitte published in January 2018 listed seven key players in the fleet management market. All the companies had the U.S. as their geographic focus. These were Element, ARI, Enterprise Fleet Management, Lease Plan, Wheels, Donlen, and Emkay.
  • Additionally, another list was found on Fleet Management Marketplace that listed 70 fleet management companies. There was not enough time to go through the list to confirm the companies were correctly represented.
  • An examination of the Wheels website found that although they discuss the types of fleets available, there were no details on vehicle classes.
  • Alternatively, we also found a list of the 10 largest fleets in America, although these were private fleets for companies such as PepsiCo and Walmart, which may not be of interest.
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