Fleet Logistics Hub Locations


To identify state wise fleet logistics hub locations in the United States that include manufacturing hubs, warehousing hubs, distribution centers, etc.

Early Findings

Norfolk, Virginia

  • The NAVSUP fleet logistics center located at Norfolk, Virginia the U.S. Navy’s oldest and largest Fleet Logistics Center, providing supply and logistics support on the Norfolk waterfront for nearly a century.
  • The operational footprint of this logistics center is spread across 37 naval installations in 13 states, plus the District of Columbia.
  • The center provides support across twelve distinct products and services.

Jacksonville, Florida

  • The fleet logistics center at Jacksonville, Florid serves as a unified and decentralized single point provider of supply chain and logistics products and services for all Naval activities throughout the Naval Region Southeast, from Texas to Cuba.

San Diego, California

  • The fleet logistics center at San Diego, California provides logistics, business and support services to fleet, shore and industrial commands of the Navy, Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command.
  • In collaboration with regional partners and customers, this center provides supply chain management, procurement, contracting and transportation services, technical and customer support, defense fuel products and worldwide movement of personal property.

Puget Sound, Washington

  • The Puget Sound fleet logistics center provides a wide range of logistics support services and products to fleet and shore commands of the United States Navy and other military commands and governmental agencies in the Pacific Rim.
  • The center employs 68 Navy personnel and 322 civilian employees.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

  • The fleet logistics center at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii delivers supply chain management, contracting, transportation, defense fuel products and worldwide movement of personal property.
  • Its operational area is spread across the Mid-Pacific and beyond.

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