Fleet Trucks


To obtain statistics on fleet trucks in California (CA), Washington (WA), Oregon, and New York. To obtain statistics for class 1 through 8 and the fuel type of each.

Early Findings


  • In 2017, there were 14,693, 5,780, and 2,354 trucks registered in California, New York, and Oregon, respectively. This includes both private and commercial trucks.
  • There are over 11.7 million fleet trucks, vans and SUVs in the US.


  • California has approximately 2 million trucks and buses.
  • Gasoline makes up approximately 97% of the fuel used by light-duty vehicles, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles in California.

New York

  • In 2018, about 35.7 million trucks were registered on toll crossings into New York City.
  • This is a 9.4% increase in comparison with the 2013 statistics.


  • In the state of Oregon, one in 17 people work in the trucking industry.
  • In 2017, this equated to 92,620 employees.

Early Findings

  • Our initial one-hour research was unable to provide all the requested statistics. We were able to provide some statistical insights that would support/inform the insights that would be required.

Proposed next steps:

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