Research Proposal

Fleet Vehicles- Annual Miles


Determine the annual miles traveled by fleet vehicles for each class (1-8) for the year 2018 or 2019.

Early Findings

Fleet Vehicles- Annual Miles

The following are the 2015 annual average miles traveled by the following business fleet vehicles per general category:

Average Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled per Vehicle by Major Vehicle Categories

Meanwhile, for vehicles in general, the average annual vehicle miles traveled for 2018 by major vehicle categories are the following:
Class 8 Truck: 63,428
Transit Bus: 34,012
Refuse Truck: 25,000
Paratransit Shuttle: 22,679
Delivery Truck: 12,958
School Bus: 12,000
Light Truck/Van: 11,991
Light-Duty Vehicle: 11,507
Car: 11,370
Motorcycle: 2,356

Summary of Findings:

  • Our initial research provided the average vehicle miles that were traveled by each major vehicle category for the year 2018.
  • However, the vehicles were not classified for each class type number as only the major category descriptions were indicated in the public sources found.
  • The data found in the AFDC table was also for applicable for all types of vehicles and not specific for fleets.
  • The second set of data we presented was for the average annual miles of travel for commercial fleets. However, the latest data we found for these commercial fleets were from 2015.
  • The categories included also did not show the class type numbers but the general business fleet vehicle type category descriptions.
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