Antitrust: FleetCor


To provide antitrust insights surrounding FleetCor's mergers and acquisitions.

Early Findings

FleetCor and Antitrust

Summary of Early Findings

  • The initial research focused on identifying what antitrust is and one illustration of how FleetCor has been connected to antitrust due to its mergers and acquisitions.

Proposed next steps:

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We are recommending research that identities 5-7 additional situations/cases/incidences whereby FleetCor has been linked to antitrust because of its mergers and acquisitions. This can be by fuel stations, other payment companies, truck stops, shippers, among others. We will provide extensive details of each situation, including who the players were, circumstances surrounding the antitrust, the specific merger or acquisition under discussion, and any other relevant details.
We also recommend further research that will provide 2-3 insights on the current (2019-2020) state of FleetCor. For each insight, we'll provide details on the products or services it offers and/or details on its operations or acquisitions/partnerships.