Focus Brands


To obtain company information and recent news related to Focus Brands and the three sub-brands, Jamba Juice, McAlister's Deli and Schlotzky's.

Early Findings

  • Focus Brands is an Atlanta-based company that develops food service brands around the world.
  • Focus Brands owns 8 brands that account for more than 6,000 food service locations globally.
  • Focus brands has both company-owned locations and franchised locations within its portfolio of brands.
  • Brands owned by Focus Brands include Carvel, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, Moe's Southwest Grill, Jamba Juice, Schlotzky's, McAlister’s Deli, and Seattle’s Best Coffee.
  • Steve DeSutter is the CEO of Focus Brands, Mike Dixon is the CFO and Tim Muir is the Chief Development Officer.
  • Jamba Juice is known for their smoothies, but they also offer other products, such as fruit bowls, oatmeal, fresh squeezed juices and baked goods.
  • McAlister's Deli serves a variety of foods, such as sandwiches, soups, salads, baked potatoes and. McAlister's has over 400 locations in 28 states.
  • Schlotzky's offers sandwiches, soups, salads, pizza and macaroni and cheese among other food and beverage items.
  • Schlotzky's recently changed its name to Schlotzky's Austin Eatery and expanded its offerings.
  • The most recent press releases on the Focus Brands website are two releases about the acquisition of Jamba Juice in August and September 2018. There have been no press releases added to the company website 2019.
  • A news story in March 2019 detailed the hire of Dan Gertsacov as Global Chief Marketing Officer, the new position within the company.
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