Research Proposal



The goal is to understand Widewail's offerings, executive suite, pricing, revenue, number of clients, and other aspects of their product.

Early Findings

  • Widewail was established in 2017.
  • Widewail's Engage product is a suite of software that manages reviews and engagement with a client's customers across multiple platforms.
  • The company creates response plans for negative reviews to give client's better options for working with their customers.
  • They collect and aggregate engagement data from all platforms to provide the client with a "rating" and insights on how to improve.
  • There does not appear to be a demo, thought there is a spot to request more info from the company.
  • With the updated package, Engage Plus, the company will respond to customers specifically on Facebook and Google My Business.
  • Their value prop for Engage Plus is to answer customer questions themselves with the correct information before other people who are not related to the company can answer, avoiding possible misinformation.
  • Some of their clients include Prime Auto, Koons Auto, and Van Horn Automative Group.
  • There are different levels of the Engage product that have different features, but it is unclear without contacting the company just how customized they can make their program.
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