Research Outline

Distractions at Work


To establish statistics on how employees being distracted during a crisis and not being able to do their work can be costly to the employer.

Early Findings


  • Studies show that 3 out of 4 employees (70%) have admitted to being distracted at work during the crisis, with 16% of employees stating that they are always prone to distractions at work with are without a crisis.
  • Distractions come in various forms; 54% of employees aren’t performing impressively, 50% are significantly less productive and 29% are not able to fully reach their potential or advance in their career.

Remote and Office Employee Statistics

  • On average, remote employees tend to take longer breaks compared to office employees.
  • In this case, remote employees take an average of 22 minutes, while office employees break for 18 minutes on average.
  • However, remote employees work an additional 10 minutes daily, compared to office employees.
  • On average, remote employees are unproductive for 27 minutes daily, office employees are unproductive for 37 minutes per day, not including lunch or tea breaks.
  • Further, 15% of remote employees are likely to be distracted by their bosses while working, which is 22% less for employees that work in an office.