Follow-Up Information, Cleveland County Personas


Follow-up information for the Cleveland County personas research already provided, including supplementary data on tourism and tourists in Cleveland County to replace data on Cleveland, Ohio

Early Findings

Cleveland County, North Carolina designates approximately $137,000 each year to travel and tourism.

The local community and residents of nearby counties have been a large portion of the recent tourism increase, with a shift in the local community as perceiving Cleveland County as a destination and hub for recreational activity.

Cleveland County was in the top ten counties in North Carolina for increased tourism spending.

While there was no recent data available, the county had an approximately 4.5% increase in visitor spending in 2015.

680 jobs relied directly on the tourism industry, and approximately 1,000 jobs are directly or indirectly impacted by tourism in the county.

While there were no subscription sources on data specific to Cleveland County, North Carolina, we did find the following sources related to tourism trends in the US, that may provide trends or insights related to tourist personas:

Tourism Flows in the US (Euromonitor International, $990)
The 2019-2024 Outlook for Historic Tourism in the United States (Icon Group International, $595)
City Profile - Charlotte (MarketLine, $250)

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