Food & Beverages Trends In 2020


The predicted food and beverages trends for 2020 such as restaurants making large format items, seasonal ingredients, and presentation trends.

Early Findings


  • Dining out is more than just serving food. More people are expecting experiences when they dine out.
  • Eating out is becoming a special occasion.
  • By 2020, the dining experience in restaurants will start encompassing entertainment, adventure, and fun in order to connect with the "emotional needs of customers."


  • By 2020, meals made with local organic ingredients are expected to be associated with socially responsible, high quality, natural, and fresh by customers.
  • Plant based food and drink are expected to increase in volume and value by 2020.
  • Although the organic food trend is not new, its popularity is expected to increase in 2020. Restaurants are now making sure some or most their meals are organic.
  • Restaurants showcase their local ingredients differently. Longhorn Steakhouse, for example, includes this in its menu while McDonalds in under scrutiny because customers don't know where its chicken and potatoes are gotten from.


  • In fast casual restaurants, "build your own items" are now being implemented into menus.
  • This appeals to the need for customers to express themselves through meals.
  • Millennials, in particular, are known to want individuality.
  • Studies have revealed that customization is the key to marketing to/keeping millennial customers. Restaurants will be leveraging this quality in 2020.

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