Research Proposal

Food Manufacturers: Contact Information


To identify a list of major candy manufactures in the US, large chain restaurants based in Columbus OH , and major manufacturers of frozen appetizers for an outreach. The information required include: the company name, products/food they manufacture, contact name, email, and phone (VP marketing & sales or CMO).

Early Findings

Major candy Manufacturers in the US

  • has named the top 60 candy manufacturers in North America. Out of this list, the top 10 companies that are based in the US have been selected and are presented in this spreadsheet.

Large chain restaurants in Columbus Ohio

  • The Balance Careers has a list of the retail stores & restaurants that are headquartered in Ohio. Using this source and Ohiowins, we have selected 10 restaurant chains that are based in Columbus, Ohio.

Major manufacturers of frozen appetizers

  • Based on the rankings from and Statista, we have identified 9 of the largest frozen appetizer companies (excluding private label brands in the top 10 listing).
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