Food Rotation Labels -


To gain an understanding of food rotation label usage in the United States and Canada to better understand the needs of restaurants, hospitals, and university kitchens.

Early Findings

Rotation Label Usage


  • Hospitals use food rotation labels to identify foods and ensure served foods are not expired.
  • Food labels also assist hospitals in ensuring nutrition requirements are met for patients.
  • Colored food labels in hospitals have been used to indicate healthy and unhealthy food choices.
  • Hospitals must follow specific standards regarding foods served. Part of this involves showing expiration dates, so food available for sale is served is fresh.
  • Foods served to patients to be eaten immediately are not required to have food rotation labels.
  • Foods made in the on-site deli or kitchen are not required to have labels.


  • Specific numbers on annual food label consumption were not found. Reasons labels are used and reasons labels may not be required were located. Various uses of food rotation labels, beyond simple expiration information, was located.
  • Types of rotation labels were identified, including ways they can be used.

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