Fourth Railway Package


To help inform an investment, understand how the Fourth Railway Package is being implemented in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Early Findings

  • In June 2019, the EU Agency for Railways (ERA) "became responsible for vehicle authorisation, safety certification of train operators, and approval of ERTMS trackside systems." This change was meant to reduce costs and simplify processes and was implemented as part of the Technical Pillar of the Fourth Railway Package. As of June 2019, Italy and France, among other countries, had both adopted the new structure. All countries have until June 2020 to implement.
  • Germany and Spain both notified the EU that they would be using the one-year delay for transposing the technical pillar of the Railway Package to domestic legislation.
  • This appears to be a useful source on rail transport in Germany but site registration is required to access.
  • The German Monopolies Commission proposed new rules to make German Rail (DB) more responsible for delays which would hopefully result in improvements to infrastructure. Additionally, the Commission "welcomes the federal government’s proposal to transpose EU Directive 2016/2370 (part of the market pillar of the Fourth Railway Package) into national law as this will introduce greater financial transparency into DB."
  • In December 2018, Spain accomplished partial transposition of the Fourth Railway Package to Spanish law. This allows for competition to begin in January 2019 but only to the extent that potential competitors can obtain necessary technical information and order trains to be ready. The new competitors can't start operating till December 2020.

Proprietary Research Available

Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Euromonitor International for an additional $108.93. This research is in a section of the report titled "French Regions Prepare for Market Liberalisation" and mentions the Fourth Railway Package twice in reference to changes in the French railway system. Please note this was published in November 2017 so if more recent data is required this would be less relevant

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