US frozen drinks


To understand what is growing and trending in the US frozen drinks market, as well as to have a demographic overview of the consumers of this market - particularly regarding ethnicity.

Early Findings

Slushie Machines

  • Globally, the slushie machine market is concentrated among a few companies.
  • Frozen carbonated drinks are highly profitable, as they contain 40% water, 50% CO2 and 10% syrup. Profits are typically around 70%.
  • Trends for frozen drinks typically revolve around the kinds of flavors that people are consuming and trying. For example, last year, one company created a slushie machine that can convert beer and cocktails into frozen drinks.
  • According to CSP, interest in sour and fermented drinks is "skyrocketing." This includes kombucha, shrubs, switchels and other drinking vinegars, as well as pickle juice. Frozen yoghurts, seen as a healthier option, are expected to grow in popularity.

Convenience stores

  • Consumers are increasingly ordering iced coffees and slushies in restaurants. Texture choices are also on offer - from thinner and icy to thick and indulgent.

Market Products and Focus

  • Our initial research shows that there is little pre-compiled information on the frozen beverage market - most reports are either on beverages generally or on frozen foods.
  • Most industry information is about frozen beverage machines. And perhaps because it is niche, general market information about slushie machines tends to be global.
  • Another key segement within frozen beverages is frozen beverage programs. Such programs include the equipment, and maintenance or training.
  • Europe and North America are the key regions in the global slushi machine market.
  • Frozen drink mixes, sold to consumers, exist, but are not very popular. The top items by average review on Amazon, for example, are the Wine-A-Rita Mix It Up Frozen Wine Drinks, with just 13 reviews, and Cool Breeze Beverages [Pick Your Three Flavors] Margarita Frozen Drink Machine Granita Slush Mix / Slushie Mix, with just 3 reviews.

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