Research Proposal

Frozen Dinner Trends


The goal is to evaluate the biggest competitors in the space of frozen meals and to discern the trends within frozen foods across different consumers.

Early Findings

Health Trends / Fads Surrounding Frozen Foods

  • Jackfruit is becoming the go-to plant-based meat alternative. Trader Joe's and The Jackfruit Company have frozen dinners featuring this plant-based alternative.
  • While currently a trend in Canada, the idea of decreasing sodium in frozen foods could easily migrate to the US. Frozen dinners were among the 48% of food categories that failed to meet sodium reduction goals. Low-sodium frozen dinners are easily available on Amazon.
  • Paying attention to nutrition labels has become much more important as consumers are being alerted to high-calorie, fat, and sodium frozen dinners. WebMD provides guidelines to consumers to make healthy decisions.
  • Ethnic (especially Asian), "vegetarian, low-calorie, supersized, natural, and organic meals" are all becoming standard-place in grocery stores. These dinners are often chosen because they expose consumers to new types of cuisines in an immediate way.
  • Frozen dinners are moving into the specialty and premium sectors. Special effort is being made to remove the stigma from frozen dinners and present them in a much more appealing way.

Proprietary Research Available

Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Icon Group International for an additional $595. This research includes the outlook for frozen dinners across the US for the years 2019-2024 broken down by the individual states.

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