Quick-Service and Full-Service Restaurants


To find out the number of quick-service and full-service restaurants in the US.

Early Findings

2018 Restaurant Census by NPD Group

    Total Restaurants

    • According to a 2018 restaurant census conducted by the NPD Group, the total number of restaurants in the US decreased by 1% to reach 660,755 in spring 2018.

    Restaurant Chains and Independent Restaurants

    • The total number of restaurant chains stood at 307,940 while the number of independent restaurants was 352,815 in spring 2018.

    Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR)

    • The number of quick-service restaurants (QSR) stood at 357,766 in spring 2018. The number of QSRs decreased by 1% from 2017 due to the decrease in independent QSR units.

    Full-Service Restaurants

    • There were 302,989 full-service restaurant units in the US in spring 2018. The number of full-service restaurants also indicated a 1% decrease from 2017.

2017 Economic Census

  • According to the 2017 Economic Census, the latest available economic survey, there were 250,660 full-service restaurants and 250,972 limited-service restaurants in the US in 2017.

Summary of Findings

  • During this hour of research, we have provided the number of quick-service and full-service restaurants in the US in 2018 and 2017 from reputed sources.
  • We have also provided the total number of restaurants, the number of restaurant chains, and independent restaurants.
  • We were unable to find the number of quick-service and full-service restaurants in 2019 after scouring through the websites of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, American FactFinder, Economic Research Service USDA, the NPD group, and other news, media, and industry reports.

Proposed next steps:

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Since the previous rounds of research have already covered the number, share, and sales/growth of the quick-service (fast food) and full-service restaurants in the US as well as the industry trends, we suggest research to provide 3-5 challenges faced by the QSR industry in the US. For each challenge, we will provide its overview, how it is affecting the QSR industry, and any available solutions to resolve these challenges.
Alternatively or additionally, we can provide employment statistics in the US restaurant industry with a breakdown for full-service and quick-service restaurant segments.