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Compile a list of business-to-business (B2B) entrepreneurial life skill software programs offered to high school students (such as Altitude Learning), and identify if Acton Academy and Midtown International School are using a program provider, for the purpose of developing an overview of the market.

Early Findings

Software Programs Similar to Altitude Learning

After a relatively unsuccessful high-level search to identify products that were directly similar to Altitude Learning's software, the research team determined that Altitude Learning is in something of a class on its own. However, there are various competitors, mainly in the online field, that offer components of business- or life skills-based lessons to high schools and their students.
  • Knowledge Matters offers Virtual Business (VB) High School, a collection of game-like simulations that teaches students entrepreneurship, accounting, and more.
  • Kickboard is listed as a main competitor to Altitude Learning, and is a software-based platform available to schools and educators. However, it mainly focuses on behavioral improvements and does not teach life skills beyond that concept.
  • Business&ITCenter21 is used by 164,000 high school students and teachers; it is an online, interactive multimedia platform with a business-oriented curriculum.
  • Edgenuity is an online platform for high school students and educators with a wide variety of courses available. Courses include Financial Math, which teaches business math, Introduction to Business, Economics Honors, and Middle School Life Skills.
  • Odysseyware is an online learning platform that may be based only in the United States. It has several business-oriented courses, including Essentials of Business and Business Computer Information Systems.
  • Pearson Career Success is an online career preparation platform that teaches high schoolers job skills and prepares them to enter the workforce.
  • Acton Academy is identified as being one of the schools using EdSurge for their online curriculum.
  • Whether or not Midtown International School uses in-house software or a B2B provider could not be determined following a rigorous high-level search through the school's website and documents.

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