Future of Education Research


1. To determine the cutting-edge companies, software, and tools shaping the future of education. The focus should be on providing solutions on K-12 schools. When determining the companies consideration should ve given to tools that are more tools that are more engaging, interesting fun, personalized, and efficient.
2. To understand how companies, software, and tools are used in the classroom from student, parents, and teachers perspective.
3. To identify the software, tools, and technology the Midtown International School and Acton Academy are using.
4: To identify similar schools to Acton Academy and Midtown International School, globally and in Finland and Holland,
This will inform research regarding EdTech software and tools shaping the future of K-12 education.

Early Findings

Education Technology Competitors

  • HelpHub is an instant tutoring platform that enables students to work closely with their teachers using the web and mobile networks.
  • Class Tag is communication software that assists with classroom interactions. The company is one of the new players in the Ed Tech market. It focuses on kid's everyday studies. 24,000 schools are using the software, resulting in 2 million engaged parents, and $3 million in rewards for teachers.
  • Teacher Tanya Razer, when talking about Class Tag, said, "Parents love it. They get online. They see what's going on in the classroom — it makes them feel connected, and they appreciate being kept up to date."
  • Technavio in its market report identified the key K-12 ed tech vendors as Dell, Chungdahm Learning, Educomp Solutions, Next Education, Samsung, Tal-Education, and Tata ClassEdge. This was based on K-12 students and schools.
  • They went on in the report to identify Adobe Systems, Blackboard, BenQ, Cengage Learning, D2L, Ellucian, IBM, Intel, Knewton, Macmillan Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, Microsoft, Mimio, Oracle, Pearson Education, Promethean World, Saga Software, and SMART Technologies as additional vendors who were prominent in the market.


  • Given the scope of the request, we have only touched on a couple of aspects in our first hour of research. Despite this, there seems to be a considerable amount of information available about the market, competitors, and products
  • We have also reviewed our proprietary database. There was no available prior research.

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