Future – Personalized Fitness


To find information on the Future fitness app. Information to be searched for includes how the service is going, what users are saying about the service, number of users and subscribers, and how their operations work.

Early Findings


How Future Works

  • A new user's journey starts when a user visits the Future website and selects from a list of exercise goals so as to be matched to a coach on the platform. The fitness goals available on the website are: get leaner, get stronger, get active again, reduce pain or injury, improve cardio or speed, and improve sports performance.
  • Throughout the onboarding process, Future uses the money spent by users to offer what feels like a luxury app experience. After signup, users can then pick from a number of expert trainers that are matched to their needs.
  • Users can then do a 15-minute video chat with their selected trainer to get acquainted and create a workout plan. Future then sends a welcome kit to users that comprises of an Apple Watch and a water bottle.
  • The trainer will then deliver a week’s worth of personalized daily routines that come with video instructions for each exercise. The app will then "provide audio cues (and optional music) to guide users through the workouts while the trainer chimes in with personalized pointers and motivation via pre-recorded voice clips."
  • The trainers also proactively check in with users to ensure they are going to the gym and following the workouts. The Apple Watch is used to track a user's progress and identify any patterns of procrastination or flaking out.
  • From available information, it appears Future connects users to external fitness experts that have years of experience in the fitness industry.

Additional Information

  • A potential competitor to Future was identified in research as FitMyTime.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial hour of research pointed to the availability of information in regard to the Future fitness service. We thus recommend completing research in three research blocks so as to address the questions posed about future including how the service is going, how Future's operations work, what users are saying about the service in regard to user experience, number of users and subscribers, who the team behind the service are and what people behind the company are saying about the service i.e. what have they learnt? what is the key to making their service work?
Additionally, we also recommend research to look into any indications of revenue or other financial indicators for Future and identify 2-3 of Future's true competitors and complete a competitive landscape for them where we will provide a company overview, business model, subscription fees, number of users, competitive advantage, and reasons why the company was identified as a competitor of Future.