Research Proposal

G4S Solutions for B2B


To identify insights around how G4S offers solutions for B2B clients, specifically related to technology and the security space.

Early Findings

Global Market Dynamics for Private Security

  • According to Technavio, the global private security services market will add over $58 billion between 2019 and 2023, growing at a CAGR of over 5%.
  • G4S is the market leader in private security services.

B2B Security and Technology

  • Service-based B2B businesses include businesses such as call-answering services, office security companies, law offices, technology companies who sell their product to other businesses, and commercial real estate.
  • B2B companies outsource their security solutions for many reasons, including ensuring round-the-clock staffing and because security is not core to their business.
  • Concerns about terrorism and crime, and rapid urbanization, are 2 factors driving demand for private security services, observed among businesses as well as commercial and residential complexes.
  • Insufficient software security is a concern for many B2B businesses, as information about their own business and customers can be at risk if highly confidential information (e.g., account information, bank account information) is exposed.
  • Technologies such as mobile devices, online services, and 3D printing are being observed more in the private security space, to help security services become or efficient for end-users.

Overall G4S Strategy in B2B

  • G4S designs, builds, operates and maintains security systems, as well as on-site monitoring, risk assessment, data analytics, and investigations.
  • G4S, as the market leader, has numerous clients, including government, B2B, and B2C, and their solutions apply across clients and industries, customized for each specific situation. They have several divisions offering various security solutions for clients.
  • G4S combines their expertise in private security, built on a history of working with governments and Fortune 500 companies, with top-notch people and technology to provide an integrated security solution.
  • Their 'Security Risk Management' model provides a data and technology-based risk solution to help companies implement a continuous risk management strategy.
  • Their 'Lobby Experience' service offers a program which combines technology and professional, experienced, staff to ensure entry security.
  • The security operations center practice leverages experienced staff, technology, and years of expertise in building, operating, and maintaining a modern security center.
  • The security efficiency practice offers a data-driven consulting service to companies to help drive efficiencies in their security practices without negatively impacting their clients' risk profile.
  • G4S heavily leverages technology in their solutions, including electronic security systems, risk management software, cash automation, and performance and compliance tools.
  • G4S helped B2B client, Agilent technologies, ensure their assets and information were secure across all their locations.
  • G4S helped B2B client, Hightech Corporation, with supply chain security.

Summary of Early Findings Relevant to the Goals

  • Our initial hour of research was focused on understanding how private security company services are relevant to B2B companies and how specific G4S services will help meet the needs of their customers (including B2B).
  • We also identified two case studies, which demonstrate how a B2B company leveraged G4S services with successful results.
  • We recommend further research to develop detailed case studies to showcase how G4S security services successfully helped their B2B clients.
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