G4S Target Audience - Products and Industries


To develop an understanding of the key target audience for G4S by product (e.g., technology and security) and industry (e.g., healthcare and data centers).

Early Findings

  • Security departments are typically the key user of security solutions for G4S.
  • Sean Norris, Security Manager of International Cricket Council (ICC), noted that G4S risk consulting is an integral part of their risk management practice, providing high-quality analysis and responsiveness over many years.
  • G4S identifies collaboration between departments within a client organization as critical in optimizing security systems within an organization. It is important to prove the value of security services to various departments, such as HR, IT, Facilities, Marketing, and Finance, who may be impacted by security decisions and whose feedback might influence the way the company uses security services.
  • Given the importance of cybersecurity, IT departments will use security services to, for example, identify unauthorized system logins via video cameras.
  • Given their focus on data analytics to identify trends and patterns in data to optimize security threats, a potential end user of G4S products may also be data analytics or predictive analytics professionals.
  • The AMAG technology arm of G4S offers solutions across Education, Healthcare, Government, Energy/Utilities, and Commercial Services. Their products leverage technology to provide security in terms of access, incident management, and control rooms.
  • Tim Register, Operations Manager/Airport Security Officer at Valdosta Regional Airport, noted the success in automating some of their security systems using Amog's Symmetry Platform.
  • Richard Osborne, Service Manager at Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build (HPC), a large infrastructure project in Europe, cites the partnership between G4S and EDF Energy (for HPC) as key to delivering a risk assessment, define operational requirements, and deliver secure solutions for this project.

Summary of Our Early Findings Relevant to the Goals

  • Our hour of research uncovered several target users for G4S services, including security managers, IT professionals, operations managers and service managers. We also uncovered potential audiences for G4S data-driven solutions, including data analytics and predictive analytics professionals. Finally, we uncovered information to suggest that potential audiences reach beyond the initial buyer, who is usually a security professional. G4S has noted that proving the value of security services to teams that may not think about security on a day-to-day basis is also important. These teams may include Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, IT, and Finance.
  • In this early research, while we were able to find some information regarding target audiences for G4S in general and targets for some of their specific services, this information is not exhaustive or consistent. Case studies and testimonials are helpful to derive an understanding of target audiences for a specific project and press releases provide additional information about end users. Therefore, our recommendations below offer further research to provide information about G4S target audiences where available, but will likely not cover each product or industry or be broken down by end-user, influencer, and decision-maker. Based on the information availability, we have provided options below for further research.

Proposed next steps:

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