Kai Bolik


To have information about the companies that Kai Bolik has been involved in or founded, and what he's doing at the moment with GameDuell.

Early Findings

Kai Bolik - Previous Experience and other business ventures

  • On his LinkedIn profile, Bolik says he has experiencing managing over 300 tech organizations.
  • Bolik is also the owner and manager of CreateK GmbH. This company "helps its clients in internet, media and mobile industries to master the challenges of the rapidly changing world and gives support to start-up and established companies in strategy, financing, as well as hands-on in daily business. " However, the company seems to have very little Internet presence and its website is sparce, suggesting it is not very active.
  • From 2000 - 2002, Bolik was the VP of strategic projects at Lycos Europe
  • And before Lycos, he worked as a consultant for a few years at two different large companies.
  • Bolik was an angel investor in the seed round of Upland, a Monopoly meets blockchain virtual game.
  • Bolik has also financed adTech startup Hitfox.

Kai Bolik's work with GameDuell

  • Bolik has been the CEO of GameDuel for 16 years.
  • Bolik presented a key note talk entitled The Future of Social Games: How to Be Part of It at the 2012 Berlin Social Gaming Summit. His full lecture can be viewed here - he spoke in English, and focused on the business of cross platform games.
  • Bolik is in favor of in-house advertising, which he sees as involving more transparency and control over budget and enabling of constant improvement.

Bolik and deals

  • Bolik is in a large group called Private Equity, M&A, and Venture Capital Investments, on LinkedIn, suggesting that the area is a keen interest for him.
  • Our research suggests that the company has not been involved in any mergers, acquisitions, or deals.
  • The only information we found related to the company and mergers is that Sebastian Kriese , who worked for the company for a year, between 2011-2012, has merger experience in other companies.
  • GameDuell bought out its investors Burda Digital Ventures and Holtzbrinck Ventures in 2016.

Research proposal:

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