Gamification Components


The goal is to find cost effective 3rd party components that can simply incorporate gamification components into a company's website. Additionally, information should allow for a knowledeable presentation of Gamification.

Early Findings

Gamification involves much more than simply inserting components into a website, and most strategies involve planning and customization/integration for specific needs. The over-arching principle behind gamifying any website is to increase a user's participation by psychologically involving them in the site and increasing their desire to continue using the particular website or application. Ultimately, gamification will "drive user engagement, loyalty and motivate the desired action."

Elements of Gamification

Top-Level Categories of Gamification

Ready Made Solutions

Individual Components

Pre-built solutions are very application specific and are generally difficult to integrate as custom solutions.
  • Stream Elements allows a user to connect with thier stream viewers and interact with them as well as gamify the entire process.
  • Leaderboard Plus for Communities is a SalesForce extension that can be dropped into a website but requires Saleforce Enterprise.
  • Wordpress websites can take advantage of many gamification plugins which can be customized and even re-programmed to fit individual needs.
  • Websites utilizing Joomla on the backend can take advantage of gamification extensions.

Research proposal:

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