Gamned! Company Profile


To have a better understanding of the company Gamned! and the services it offers, specifically, the location of its offices, its services, its clients, its value, its competitors and competitive advantages.

Early Findings

  • Gamned! has offices in two locations in France (Paris and Marseille), in Switzerland, in Malaysia (from where it serves South East Asia), in Brazil, in the United Arab Emirates (from where it serves the Middle East and Africa), and in Belgium (from where it serves Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg).
  • The company offers "brands and agencies with multichannel programmatic campaigns (desktop, mobile, social, native, video, radio, DOOH), allowing them to target their audiences through multi-DSP buying and real-time messages customization (DCO)."
  • According to its LinkedIn profile, it has more than 200 clients, some of which include Allianz, BMW, EDF, Fortuneo, Lelynx, Intersport, Monoprix, Orange, PMU, SeLoger, SNCF, L'Occitane, PMU, Pernod Ricard, Government of Bahia, FSC, 99 Taxi, and Buscapé.
  • On the media buying side, it has recently started targeting publishers.
  • The company serves more than 3 billion ads.
  • In November 2018, TF1 Group and Gamned! announced that TF1 Group had taken a majority stake (60% of its capital and voting rights) in Gamned!" By acquiring Gamned!, TF1 group aims to leverage the qualified audiences of its new digital arm with programmatic effectiveness to develop an integrated, innovative and high-powered multi-channel advertising offer."
  • Gamned! became a part of TF1 Group's new digital division named Unify. Unify focuses on "federating content, original productions, talents, events and services dedicated to female themes, health and entertainment."
  • According to the financial statements of TF1 Group, "the acquisition generated partial goodwill provisionally measured at €9.9 million." This article explains the partial goodwill method.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on finding information on Gamned!
  • We were able to find information on the location of its offices, a brief description of its services and some of its clients. No information was available on its value other that the partial goodwill measurement provided above.

Proposed next steps:

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Wonder can continue the research and provide a competitive landscape. We can provide 5 competitors of Gamned! For each competitor, we will provide information on where they hold offices, what their services include, what clients they work with, what their value or revenue is [if this information is publicly available], their competitive advantage. As Gamned! operates globally, the geographic scope will be global (should the geographical scope be changed kindly mention this in the comments when selecting this option). In one of these briefs, we will also provide the competitive advantage of Gamned! as this was not addressed in the early findings as well as any additional information available on the company for the other three aspects (what their services include, what clients they work with, what their value or revenue is) that was not addressed in the early findings.
As TF1 Group acquired Gamned!, we can provide information on TF1 Group and its digital segment Unify. We can provide an overview of TF1 Group (consisting of a brief description of the company's segments and its revenue as well as a breakdown of the revenue per segment) and a closer look at its digital segment Unify which would consist of its goal, its target market, the companies it has acquired for this segment and why it has acquired them.