Research Outline

Recommended Paywall Software for Websites


Identify five applications that enable users to create paywalls and/or gated content on websites (including the software's price, advantages, and disadvantages) to assist in determining the best available options for a client.

Early Findings

MPP Global's ESuite


  • Description: LaterPay is a unique paywall application that enables its subscribers to quickly register and access content on participating websites (while preventing those who do not register from accessing the content). It is aimed at both publishers and personal users.
  • Pricing: LaterPay charges 15 percent of revenue. It has no set up fees or ongoing subscription costs beyond that.
  • Pro: LaterPay has claimed that its client websites see increased revenue of up to 2.5 times.
  • Pro: Users can opt to read restricted content very quickly using LaterPay's model. The process is reduced to less than 10 seconds for more than 78 percent of users.
  • Pro: Websites using LaterPay generate trust with their readers due to its unique model.
  • Pro: LaterPay is used by The PULP, Salon, VRM, and buchreport.
  • Con: LaterPay's business model relies on giving the reader the content before they pay (as it requires the reader to make an agreement to obtain access).

Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

The first hour of research involved outlining the project to determine if the requested information is available.

There are several applications offering paywall capabilities. After identifying recurring suggestions for "top" options, the research team proceeded to outline two of the most-frequently recommended applications (detailed above). The available options vary widely in pricing models; as such, two applications with different pricing models were specifically chosen.

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