Research Outline

Gen Y and Z Negative Traits


The goal is to find some negative traits that Gen Y and Z possess, as well as positive (opposite) traits that older generations possess in order to find ways to "replace" those negative traits with positive ones.

Early Findings

Generation Z and Millennial Negative Traits

  • Generation Z has shorter attention spans than other generations, averaging at only 8 seconds.
  • Gen Z has less company loyalty than other generations. 25% of Gen Z people say they tend to leave their jobs after only a year or less with each company.
  • Gen Z is considered a much more cynical generation overall.
  • Millennials are more independent and thus are less interested in teamwork in their jobs.
  • Millennials also have a weaker work ethic, only averaging 38.8 hours per week at work. Other generations average over 40 hours.
  • Millennials need more instant-gratification and recognition at work than other generations.

Generation X and Baby Boomer Positive Traits

  • Gen X is considered to be the largest revenue generators in the workforce.
  • 77% of Gen X workers reported working for the same company for more than a year.
  • Baby Boomers value traditional work hierarchies and are more satisfied with putting in years of work to earn praise and promotions instead of needing instant-gratification.
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