Retail Membership Programs


Gain an understanding of what Gen Z consumers want from a retail membership program, as well as examples of how retailers integrate different kinds of value for members both inside and outside the shopping experience, in order to frame a business strategy

Early Findings

  • A survey of consumers shows they are used to getting membership rewards for free, but also that certain perks are worth paying for a retail membership.
  • 37% of consumers surveyed noted a willingness to pay a fee for enhanced benefits in a loyalty program.
  • 47% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay more for premium loyalty programs.
  • Alongside loyalty programs, Gen Z also have a desire for technology to drive their retail shopping experience.
  • 36% of Gen Z surveyed feel a strong connection to a brand or brands.
  • Membership programs aimed at Gen Z should have mobile options, or even an associated mobile app, as 48% use mobile apps to shop at least some of the time.
  • Free shipping and discounts are the top two things that online retail shoppers desire in a loyalty program, with services and exclusive offers also important.
  • 69% of consumers surveyed will only join a loyalty program if they shop with the retailer frequently.

Proposed next steps:

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