Sales Leads


In order to generate sales leads, gain the following data on ports listed; name of harbor/waterway/ports and their website, whether they use security cameras, how many cameras and related personnel, point of contact for sales, budget information.

Early Findings

  • The Port of Greater Baton Rouge is currently served by camera and security through ITS LLCS, and can be contacted here. The Port of New Orleans had a budget of $66.1 million in Fiscal Year 2019, and can be contacted here.
  • The Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority operates the Paducah Riverport, and can be contacted here.
  • The Port of South Louisiana is America's largest tonnage port district, and can be contacted here.
  • The Port of Memphis, the fifth largest inland port in the United States, can be contacted here.
  • The Port of Minneapolis, the northernmost port on the Mississippi River System, does not have their own website, but rather can be reached via the City of Minneapolis. They also have a contact number listed on World Port Source.
  • The Port of St. Paul is directed by the Saint Paul Port Authority, which can be contacted here.
  • The contact information for the Port of Louisville can be found here.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
Provide required data on all 19 ports already listed in the sheet + data on an additional 81 ports, to generate 100 total sales leads
Provide a report on 3-5 budgetary or spending trends for US harbor/waterway/ports, that might impact their decision to invest in security cameras