Psychographic Profile of Visitors to the George HW Bush Library Museum


Compile a psychographic profile of visitors to the George HW Bush Library and Museum in Bryan College Station, Texas to build personas for the client.

According to the provided data, the most relevant demographics are:
  • Women over 65, representing 19 percent of Facebook fans.
  • Men over 65, representing 11 percent of Facebook fans.
  • Men and women between 45-60 are another significant combined demographic.
  • Most fans are from College Station, TX (2,448), Houston, TX (1,987) or Bryan, TX (1,288).
  • The highest out of state source of fans is New York City, New York (937).

Early Findings

Psychographic Profile of Women Over 65 from Texas

Women over 65 from Texas tend to be either politically unaffiliated or conservative. They engage in regular physical activity, including yoga or exercise and going to museums.
  • The largest percentage of adults over 65 in Texas (not specific to gender) do not have affiliation to a political ideology, with 19 percent reporting as such.
  • A conservative political ideology is favored by 18 percent of Texas adults over 65, followed by a moderate ideology (12 percent) and a liberal ideology (11 percent).
  • Men and women are exactly split (50 percent each) on their support for conservative or liberal ideologies.
  • Physical activity level: 46 percent of adults (men and women) between 65-74 reported that they engage in regular leisure-time physical activity in 2018.
  • Yoga and exercise is a popular activity for 42 percent of women between 50-89 living in retirement communities.
  • Trips to museums are popular for 35 percent of women between 50-89 living in retirement communities.

Additional Related Information

  • In 2017, Texas had the third-highest number of adults over 65 in the country (at 3.5 million).
  • New York had the fourth-highest number of adults in the country in 2017 at 3.2 million.

In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

Summary of Findings in Relation to Goals

The first hour of research involved outlining the project to determine if the requested information is available.

Once the demographics were extracted from the provided Facebook screenshots, a high-level search was conducted. Some psychographic details for the top demographic were provided.

Based on our findings, we propose the following research to complete the request:

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