Research Proposal

George Scott


A list of all the articles written about George Scott (from Hartford, CT) over the last 30-40 years

Early Findings


  • A 1999 article was writeen about George Scott being Courant's 1999 Business Leader of the year. According to the artcile, George Scott has dedicated a lot of time to civic organizations like "the former West Indian Credit Union, the Upper Albany Merchants Association, St. Monica's Episcopal Church, and what is now known as the MetroHartford Chamber of Commerce."
  • His "deep love" for Hartford was praised, as well as, his "commitment by building a new 8,000-square-foot headquarters on Windsor Street amid a smattering of abandoned buildings and empty fields."
  • According to the article, Scott completed high school at Kingston College in 1946. He then went to St. Andrews University where he got a degree with honors psychology and moral philiosophy in 1956. In 1977, he migrated to Toronto, Canada where he later opened a Jamaican bakerry. He moved to Hartford in 1979 where, together with his wife, he opened a "Hartford West Indian Bakery -- known as Scott's Jamaican Bakery -- on Albany Avenue."


  • A 2010 article titled "US businessman, George Scott, highlights a Jamaican positive" features George Scott as he reflects on what it means to be Jamaican by reciting the poem, “The Song of the Banana Man”.
  • This 2011 article mainly discussed Scott’s Jamaican Bakery, owned by George Scott. It, however, includes a video of George Scott talking about how the bakery started and reading his "favorite Jamaican poem, The Song of the Banana Man by Evan Jones."
  • This 2018 article is about the 40th anniversary of George Scott and his wife, Pauline Scott's bakery. In the article, George Scott talked about his childhood, being a "standout student" in school, and his family.
  • This 2018 article focuses more on the 40th anniversary of Scotts Jamaican Bakery. According to the article, "on Nov. 27, 40 years to the day George and Pauline Scott founded the company, all three Scotts’ locations will sell a beef patty and coco bread combo for $1 (one special per person) from 2 to 4 p.m., a nod to 1978 prices."
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