Girls Are Awesome+


Determine statistics and insights that are relevant for the "Girls are Awesome" campaign.

Early Findings

Girls Are Awesome+ Relevant Insights

Female Empowerment

  • Large organizations such as IBM, General Motors, and Mondelēz International are supporting female empowerment by promoting women to more leadership positions.
  • Industry analysts are now declaring that women-related segments are now the largest emerging markets globaly.
  • In the US, women are now overseeing over $11.2 trillion worth of assets for investments.
  • IBM is one of the biggest firms that offer large-scale support initiatives for women.
  • The company has several programs that support working mothers.

Textile Companies with Sustainable Practices

Cost-effective Textile Manufacturing Method and Location

  • Rotary screen printing is considered one of the most cost-efficient method to produce textiles.
  • Southeast states in the US are considered as the most cost-effective locations for manufacturing textiles.

Brands Licensing Royalties

  • Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson, Ferrari, Caterpillar, Volkswagen, Goodyear, Chupa Chups, and Jack Daniel’s are some of the brands that are licensing royalties for apparel products.

Examples of Purpose-driven Commerce

  • Patagonia communicates its support for the environment through its various campaigns on its website and on its merchandise.

Proprietary Database Search Results

In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided some insights and statistics on the requested information around female empowerment companies and other topics. However, some data points might not be fully available in public sources and may need to be triangulated or supplemented with helpful insights. Given this, we propose continuing the research to deliver the requested information in several blocks. (1) Provide 5-7 additional statistics or insights on what the market looks like for female empowerment communities and businesses. (2) Provide 5 market leaders in the female empowerment space. These key players can be defined by revenue or other metrics. For each player, we will provide the company name, website link, why it is a market leader, and its unique selling proposition. (3) Provide 2-3 examples of textile (and other consumer lifestyle goods) brands and companies that are breaking ground with sustainable production practices, sales approaches, materials, or other techniques. (4) Provide 2-3 insights on the best (cost-effective) production techniques for textiles in Europe and the US. (5) Provide 2-3 of the most cost-effective locations for textile manufacturing in Europe and the US. For each location, we will provide the reason why it is the most cost-effective. (6) Provide 2-3 examples of lifestyle brand licensing royalties and different setups. We will focus first on footwear and outdoor brands such as Adidas and Burton. We will expand the category as needed. (7) Provide 2-3 of the best examples of purpose-driven commerce and how the brands communicate their purpose vs. commerce and transparency.
For a more affordable option, we recommend proceeding with the research to provide 5-7 general insights on female empowerment in businesses.