Research Outline

Cloud Migration Case Studies


To obtain an in-depth understanding of how companies migrate their on premise servers to the cloud by providing three successful use cases where companies moved from on premise servers to cloud servers.

Early Findings

Cloud Migration

  • According to Amazon Web Services (AWS), migrating to the cloud saves infrastructure costs up to 31% compared to using on-premise server.
  • Additionally, cloud-computing platforms and APIs' infrastructure management is 62% more efficient than on-premise management.
  • There are various types of cloud migration, including retiring, rehosting, replatforming, repurchasing, refactoring, and retaining.

Coca-Cola North America

  • Coca Cola is a multinational beverage company offering more than 500 brands across more than 200 countries, including Coca-Cola, Costa coffee, and Zico coconut water.
  • Following one of its major digital marketing campaigns in 2013, during Super Bowl 47, Coca Cola company experienced unanticipated traffic to its website causing its web pages to stall.
  • The company's servers were also overwhelmed, prompting it to momentarily install new ones, which, however, did not abate the situation.
  • Needing a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution to sustaining website traffic spikes, the company contracted the services of 2nd Watch, an information technology and services company with AWS Premier and Microsoft Azure Gold partnership that offers professional and managed services in the public cloud for enterprise workloads.
  • 2nd Watch migrated the company's consumer-facing sites in North America to AWS within two months, additionally providing management services, which helped save Coca Cola's 40% operational cost and enabled them sustain large-scale digital marketing campaigns and user experiences.
  • The company also achieved an 80% reduction in help desk tickets with its migration and a new DevOps model, allowing it to both auto-scale and achieve full single-site isolation of its environment.

Additional Insights

  • Some additional, more recent case studies of companies successfully migrating to the cloud include Betabrand(2017), Etsy(2018), and Gitlab (2018).
  • Some top cloud migration companies in the US include 2nd Watch, 8K Miles, Veritis Group inc, Infogain, Trigent Software, Nous Infosystems, SCTG, Maven Wave, and RapidValue Solutions.
  • Some top-ranked platforms among hybrid and multi-cloud environments incude AWS Outposts, Microsoft Azure Stack, Google Cloud Anthos, and VMware Cloud on AWS.