Marketing Persona, Defense Industrial Base Contractors


Gain information to create a marketing persona for the typical buyer or decision maker for small and medium size defense industrial base contractors (CISO, CIO or Chief Compliance Officer) in order to tailor a marketing campaign and choose the right channels for delivering our message

Early Findings

  • While there was limited data specifically related to decision maker for small and medium size defense industrial base contractors, we did find the following related data:
  • One source notes that these defense contractors in general are likely between age 35-44, and another source notes that defense contractors tend to be in their 40s and white, males.
  • It's noted that the decision-making process for federal purchasing requires three layers of decision makers; small business reps, contracting officers and acquisition staff, and program managers.
  • Program managers tend to most involved in the technical aspects and will require details and insight in order to make informed decisions when making a purchase decision.
  • Program managers typically have 4-5 years of project management experience as part of their role, which have a high level of focus on critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Research proposal:

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