Top Apple Varieties


To obtain data on the top 10 apple varieties by provinces in China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This data will be provided in sales and in volume.

Early Findings


  • 75% of all fruits imported into India are apples.
  • In 2016, the country imported 350,000 metric tons of apples. In 2017, the value stood at 240,000.
  • The main suppliers of apples for this market are China and the US.
  • Club apple varieties are on high demand in India.
  • Royal Gala takes a large part of the market share. Other close competitors are Red Delicious and Pink Lady.
  • A huge part of the Indian market is made up of millennials. For this reason, the digital market is a great aspect to consider when selling/introducing items into the market.


  • Aomori apples are strongly popular in the China market.
  • China is one of the largest premium marketplace for apples. There is a growing desire and new taste for different apple varieties.
  • The Chinese consumers peel apples.
  • China has witnessed an increase in disposable income due to the one-child policy, therefore, millennials are more interested in new tastes and use food as a show of status.
  • This market does not have as much material need as previous generations. For this reason, most are interested in new tastes and experiment with the food they eat.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
Our initial research was able to pull overall data in China and India. We propose continued research in determining the by province sales in dollars and volume for the four countries. This research may not be able to provide data for each province. If triangulation is required, which in this case it might, we may require a request for each province. The request volume for such an attempt will be very high, with a risk that it may not be available for each province. For this reason, we suggest proceeding with the request for the four countries first. We will ask the analysts to check whether data would be available by province and to provide statistics for the top two provinces. After this research is done, you may choose to request a breakdown for the different provinces.
Additionally, we will provide 3-4 insights into apple sales and consumption in the four countries. These insights will address the current state of the market and any insights around the consumer.