Research Outline

Global Education Market - Products That Connect Teachers


To evaluate market trends size and landscape, information is needed on the global market size for teachers and educators, the key players in the market for products that connect teachers and educators and information on the solutions they provide.

Early Findings

  • According to Holon Q, the global education market size is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2030 and is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% each year. In 2020 this figure is expected to be approximately $6.5 trillion.
  • Pre-Kindergarten is expected to take in 8% of the market, Kindergarten to 12th grade is expected to take in 55% of the market, post-secondary education is expected to take in 25% of the market, corporate education is expected to take in 6% of the market, and lifelong learning is expected to take in 8% of the market.

  • Though this report is on the U.S. education market size, it gives an idea of how vast the market is and how it is segmented.
  • The education market is segmented by type (cloud vs on-premise education), by content (audio-based, video-based and text content), by smart learning mode (consisting of collaborative learning, virtual instructor led training, simulation-based learning, adaptive learning, social learning, blended learning, and webinars). The market includes the hardware (interactive white boards, displays, and tables) and software (learning management system, adaptive learning platform, and learning content management system), the services and the end-users (higher education, K-12, and Pre-K)

  • From the research it was not possible to find a market report for solutions that connect teachers and educators with each other for the purpose of learning. What was available were examples of organizations and communities that connect teachers with each other. Some examples are provided below.
  • Crowdtech is an international technology company that connects teachers and headmasters across Europe with each other for the purpose of improving learning outcomes.
  • Teachers Connect is an online community built by teachers for teachers
  • AP Teacher Communities is an online community specifically for AP teachers.
  • Teachers Without Borders is an organization that connects teachers globally.

  • From preliminary research, there was no information available on the market size for solutions that connect teachers to other teachers for the purpose of learning. However, there are companies, organizations and communities that are enabling teachers to connect to each other.
  • The global education market size was mentioned as well as its segmentation, assuming the US market segmentation is applicable to the global segmentation. Also, the segmentation according to the end-user was provided. As mentioned above, no information was available for the market size for solutions that connect teachers.