Research Outline

Indian Curriculum K12 School Discounts


To inform the revision of existing discount schemes and associated parental communications by identifying the discounts, scholarships, rebates and other incentives being offered by the following Indian curriculum K12 schools in Dubai (Gems New Millennium School, Springdales school, Credence school, Ambassador School, JSS) and Abu Dhabi (Bright Riders school, Abu Dhabi Indian school, Bhavans Abu Dhabi, Gems United Indian school, International Indian school). Relevant details related to discounts, scholarships, rebates and other incentives may include the percentage discount, differences for new vs. existing students, the payout time frame/mechanism and the duration of discount schemes.

Early Findings

Springdale School (Dubai)

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, the Springdale School in Dubai is offering sibling discounts. Specifically, each additional sibling that is enrolled in the school receives a 10% tuition discount (first sibling), a 15% tuition discount (second sibling) or a 20% tuition discount (third sibling or more).
  • Notably, children enrolled in prekindergarten and kindergarten 1 are not eligible for the student discount.
  • Associated details related to the timing/mechanism for receiving the discount do not appear to be readily available through the school's owned media channels or other school data aggregators (e.g., International Schools Database).
  • Meanwhile, although publicly available details are limited, a further review of Springdale School's corporate website and social media accounts revealed that the institute also offers a 20% discount for the first enrolled children of a single mothers (with appropriate documentation) and provides select students with scholarships based on academic performance.

International Indian School (Abu Dhabi)

  • Although the International Indian School in Abu Dhabi does not prominently report any discounts or scholarship programs on its corporate website, media reporting indicates that it is currently offering a temporary discount amid the pandemic.
  • Specifically, per an April 2020 Which School Advisor article, the International Indian School will "offer a 30 percent discount in fees for the current term and an additional 10 to 15 percent discount for siblings as well as waiving transport fees for the term" amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Availability of Information

  • The initial hour of research suggested that the provided schools generally do not prominently highlight their discount, scholarship and/or rebate programs. As such, more in-depth research will be required to ascertain this information.
  • To ensure a comprehensive analysis of the discount, scholarship and/or rebate programs offered by each school, we recommend that the research team rigorously explore each school's website and social media accounts, as well as relevant information from school data aggregators (e.g., International Schools Database, Bayut) and recent media coverage.