Global Marketing Campaigns


A collection of different processes and systems from global brand campaigns that agencies have created to show clients how they activate on a global level.

Early Findings

Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty

  • Dove's campaign for real beauty originated in 2007 in London and Canada "with a billboard asking motorists to vote on whether the women pictured were “fat or fit?” or wrinkled or wonderful?" The campaign proceeded to spark conversations about the societal notions of the female standard of beauty.
  • Prior to the campaign, Dove carried out a global survey asking women several questions about their definition of beauty.
  • It began in Toronto where a billboard was placed "at an intersection featuring a curvy woman with a tagline asking “fat or fit?” Drivers could use their mobile phones to text in their votes."
  • The campaign then spiraled and went viral. Dove portrayed different body shapes from women in all parts of the world through this campaign. This was a creative way for the company to target international markets.


  • In 2014, Starbucks launched its first global campaign. It was an interactive YouTube documentary shot in 28 countries that documented "a day in the life at a Starbucks."
  • Episodes ranged from "showing how a scrapbook group regularly meeting at a Starbucks in America helped a mother overcome the loss of her daughter to how a band in Japan held an audition for their newest member at a local store."
  • The campaign was filmed in Beijing, New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Toronto, and Bogota among others.
  • The campaign captured “authentic, unscripted, moments of connection” while also depicting the brand's values and global expansion.


  • The main thing both global campaigns have in common is that they had a specific call to action. In Dove's case, it was the acceptance of different standards of beauty while Starbucks showed the importance of human connection.
  • Both campaigns also represented the different regions they wanted to target. Dove's campaign represented different standards of beauty globally while Starbucks documented people in over 20 countries.

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