Research Outline

Case Studies Music and Brands


To find case studies of brands that boost artists, and reports on engagement of 18 to 34 year old Mexicans in participating in brand activities involving producing videos dancing and singing, as well as voting for candidates on music shows.

Early Findings

1) Case Studies

  • Some agencies help brands support artists and build partnership schemes.
  • The partnerships help bring exposure both to the artists and the brands themselves.
  • Examples of such partnerships are given below.

Taco Bell

Red Bull Studio Space

  • Red Bull has set up recording studios around the world including one in South Africa.
  • The South African Red Bull studio offered free access for new artists in the country for a week to make music, be tutored, and gain exposure.

Budweiser Made Underground

  • In 2014, Budweiser launched a scheme aimed at discovering new talent in the streets of the world.
  • It brought together street musicians to create a "busker band" and their own version of the song "Jungle", which was also performed at the 2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival.

2) A Report of perception engagement participation of Mexican 18.34 YO on brand activities asking them to produce videos dancing and singing,

  • For Mexicans, the act of dancing is ingrained in their culture and is present in many aspect of society such as weddings, birthdays, and baptisms.
  • Dancing is very popular in Mexico and there is an infinite number of dance companies and festivals.
  • Dance companies include Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, México Danza, and festivals include the Mexico City VideoDance Festival and the International Dance Festival.
  • Recently, data was compiled about the popularity of music talent show The X Factor in Mexico, which was rated as "less than one tenth of the demand of the average TV series in Mexico in the last 30 days".
  • This was consistent with 64.1% of all shows that have this level of demand in the Mexican TV market.
  • In terms of competition with other reality shows, the X factor was more popular than 76.2% of other reality shows in Mexico.
  • Another show called Bailando por un Sueno, which is a dancing competition, recorded a market share of 20.33% during its final broadcast on Mexican TV.

3) A research of perception and voting participation of Mexican 18 to 34 YO in lookalike The Voice American Idol contest.

  • A vote on the Billboard website to choose which Mexican regional act should have a virtual concert recorded around 300 votes.
  • Bailando por un Sueno was a Mexican reality dancing show which involved voting and was successful for years.