Research Outline

Pre-Merger Data


To find Keurig's amount raised, market capitalization and valuation upon merger. To find Sodastream's amount raised, market capitalization and valuation for acquisition.

Early Findings

  • Keurig Green Mountain was acquired by JAB Holding Company for $13.9 billion in December 2015.
  • At the time, shareholders received $92 per share. Coca-Cola, the largest shareholder, received $2.4 billion from the deal.
  • The payment represented a 78% premium to Keurig's stock value at the time of market close.
  • The company's market capitalization rose and dropped quite dramatically prior to the Dr. Pepper merger. The merger was announced in January 2018, so just prior to that, the market cap was $75 billion.
  • By 2006, Green Mountain owned 100% of Keurig.