Research Proposal

GoDaddy Company Overview


To have a briefing on the web hosting company called Go Daddy. Specifically to have information surrounding their latest successes as well what their go forward strategy is.

Early Findings

  • For the purposes of our research, this is the GoDaddy website.
  • After extensive searching, we were able to find one credible and reliable source that answered the question surrounding what GoDaddy's Strategic priorities are.
  • GoDaddy's self declared strategic priorities are clearly stated in their most recent company overview. There are six in total and they are product excellence, customer experience, go-to-market engine, platform, technology and infrastructure, and business enablement.
  • Under product excellence they state that they are committed to "developing market leading products that deliver 'complete ideas to reality' tool kit."
  • For customer experience their strategy is to create "unique customer experiences, serving the more than 500 million independent ventures around the" globe.
  • Under go to market engine, GoDaddy states that they want to deepen their "international presence while fulfilling the brand promise and delivering an integrated go to market machine."
  • For their platform strategy, they are vowing run a "powerful yet flexible technology platform that delivers speed, quality and consistency."
  • GoDaddy's technology and infrastructure strategic priority is to have a "secure and highly performant always on infrastructure utilizing [their] existing footprint and the public cloud."
  • Under business enablement, they are going to fully implement an integrated global EPR platform and establish world-class ability in acquisition and integration.
  • GoDaddy in 2014 had 58.9 million domains, 12.7 million customers and 1.4 billion in revenue. Fast forward to 2018, and they have 77.6 million domains, 18.5 million customers and 2.7 billion in revenue. GoDaddy predicts that in the long-term future, they will have 28 million customers and over 5 billion in revenue.
  • The fact that GoDaddy has 77.6 million domains means that they control 23% of the global total.
  • They have a 77% aided brand awareness.
  • GoDaddy is in over 50 global markets.
  • Their customer and average revenue per user (ARPU) strategy is to expand to new markets, deepen their international presence, and to broaden their brand appeal.
  • Part of what has made GoDaddy so successful has been its strategic acquisitions over the years. For example, they purchased Afternic and SmartName in 2013 to enter the domain parking service business, along with business name generator NameFind. 2014 saw it buy Canary and gain a smart calendar service. GoDaddy bought Mad Mimi in 2014, an email marketing service, and 2016 saw GoDaddy acquire FreedomVoice, which provided Cloud-based VoIP phone systems.
  • Here is GoDaddy's reported financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019. "Q3 Revenue up 12%; Operating Cash Flow up 30% and uFCF up 9%."
  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address the stated goals.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Our first hour of research was spent finding the best possible sources to answer the questions, and we were able to find one that basically answers the entire ask. It is completely credible and reliable because it comes from GoDaddy themselves. We synthesized some of the most salient points and provided them in the early findings. We also found a few other sources to round out the research.
  • Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.
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