Goat Milk Soap Manufacturers


To obtain a list of goat milk soap manufacturers selling in the Southeastern US and the range of cost per bar to assist a manufacturer who is looking to enter into new markets.

Early Findings


Hamboldt Hands

  • Hamboldt Hands manufactures various products from goat milk.
  • This manufacturer sells their bar of soap at about $5.
  • This manufacturer adds some flavors: coconut, almond, olive and palm kernel oils, or shea butter.
  • They are located in California.

Goat Milk Stuff

Summary of our Early Findings Relevant to the Goals

  • Our initial research identified various manufacturers of goat-milk soap; we have presented two of them in our findings. As we searched for those that sell in Southern US, we quickly realized that most of them sell online and deliver across the US at a fee or for free, depending on the quantity purchased. 
  • Additionally, we analyzed the market to determine if there are any reports by region in the US. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any such reports. As a result, we have prepared our proposed next steps for you to choose from.

Proposed next steps:

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