Research Proposal

18-34 YO Females Marketing Content and Social Media


To determine what marketing campaigns/content have resonated with 18-34 year-old females. To determine the top social media channels they use, how they use them, their motivations and how best to engage this demographic.

Early Findings


  • AdWeek reported in 2017 that 40% of Millennial females identified Instagram as the best way for brands to engage them.
  • A report from eMarketer also identified Facebook as the top used social network among Millennials in general in the US.
  • Around 58.5 million Millennials used Facebook in 2018.
  • Instagram is the second top social media among this demographic, with 43.3 million Millennial users in 2018.
  • Digital Marketing reported in 2018 that 88% of users in Facebook are Millennials.
  • 83% of YouTube users are Millennials.
  • 77% of Facebook messenger users are Millennials.

Gen Z


  • 44% of users age 21 to 34 years old in 2018 said their top motivation for using social media was to fill up spare time.
  • 43% said they use social media to catch up on what their friends were doing.
  • Another 43% said they use social media to read current news and events.
  • 54% of users said they follow people they know in real life in social media.
  • 42% said they follow brands that they like.
  • 39% said they follow actors on social media.
  • Over 70% of Gen Z use social media to post images.
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