Google Advertising Engine


Determine how Google advertising engine works in Chrome and in Android. Obtain information in terms of layout of structure, ad bidding process, and how it is optimized by the platform. Determine also other Google services where advertisements are served up.

Early Findings

Google Advertising Engine

  • Google blocks distruptive ads in Chrome.
  • Ads will appear on Google when people search for a product or service related to the advertisement.
  • When an ad is created, the keywords used in the ad will make it appear when a search was initiated.
  • On Google search sites, ads can show above or below the search results on Google Search.
  • These ads can also be shown beside, above, or under the search results on Google Play Google Shopping, and Google Maps.


  • Google provides Admob, its smart monetization platform for Android apps that can enable advertisers to earn more from ads and in-app purchases.
  • Advertisers can enrol in Google Admob and then incorporate the Google Mobile Ads SDK to place ads in an Android app.

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