Google My Business Service Information


Determine the number of businesses that are using the Google My Business (GMB) service. Identify also the companies or agencies that provide GMB services to businesses. Determine also the type of GMB services that they provide and the price of these GMB services. The scope is US and EMEA.
The information will be used to determine the planned GMB offering and pricing setup for a company that will soon offer this service.

Early Findings

Google My Business (GMB) service can help businesses appear in local search results in Google maps and search pages.


  • Based on our search through reputable sources, there are no readily available figures on the total number of businesses that uses GMB.
  • As per our count of New York City restaurants, there are 385 restaurant branches that posted their business information on GMB Google maps. Typically, each complete page count has 20 entries.
  • In London, we counted 450 restaurants with listings in GMB Google Maps.
  • Target, a large supermarket in the Los Angeles area has a GMB Google Map and search listing.
  • Across 17 industry verticals that was analyzed by the Brandify company, it has identified over 65,000 listings for 100 brands.
  • ZipBooks is an accounting software provider that uses GMB to list their services.
  • Per Se is a restaurant in New York City that availed of GMB Google Maps listing service.


SEOinthe Sun

  • SEOinthe Sun offers Google My Business (GMB) services for $187.


  • DBA provides professional Google My Business (GMB) services.
  • Its pricing is dependent on the type of content that they need to post on behalf of their clients.
The following is their pricing scheme based on annual payments for one location:
  • The company charges $1.00 per month for each of the following content: photos, posts, and reviews.
For the following types of content, the following are the charges:
  • Call tracking - $2.00 per month
  • SMS/MMS campaigns - $3.00 per month
  • Local listings - $20.00 per month
  • Reporting tools - $3.00 per month
  • Pro Services - $85.00 per month

Zoho Social

  • Zoho Social helps companies manage their GMB listing.
  • Zoho Social's monthly pricing setup for individuals and businesses: standard - $10.00; and professional - $25.00. These are based on an annual billing cycle.
  • With regard to agencies, the following are the monthly prices for each tier based on annual contracts: agency - $200; and agency plus - $300.

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