Research Proposal

Google Discover: Android 1 Products Market


To determine if there is a right product-market fit for a similiar product by better understanding the reasons why Google initiated this new Android interface, initial drivers, and what value it has for customers.

To determine if there is a right product-market fit for a similiar product by discovering what other companies are also developing similiar products.

Early Findings

Our background research on Google Android One revealed insights into the rationale for development, value that these products have for customers, and other companies who are developing similiar products. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Google Android One Development

  • Android One products were developed by Google for people to meet a "universal need for smartphones that are fresh and secure and bring all the Google apps and services they love."
  • Android One products offer value by providing long-term multi-year service programs.
  • These products also offer value by promising to be "secure, up-to-date, and easy to use."
  • Google first introduced Android One in 2014, and one of the initial drivers was to design products for smartphone users in emerging markets who were using these phones for the first time.

Other Companies Developing Similiar Products

  • OpenXCell is a leading Android developer that has "winning app strategies, stunning app designs, and powerful agile app development."
  • Utility develops "custom mobile applications and web software with innovative partners."
  • Consagous Technologies delivers "powerful mobile app solutions to clients all across the globe."

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