Research Outline

Google's Revenue Per Search 2


To identify Google's revenue per search in the U.S. (preferably split by desktop/mobile) or relevant data points that can be inputted into a model.

Early Findings

  • "Google was ranked first amongst the most visited multi-platform web properties in the United States with close to 259 million U.S. unique visitors and a market share of 62.5 % among the leading U.S. search engine providers."
  • Alphabet, Google's parent company, had a market capitalization valued at 825 billion U.S. dollars in September 2019.
  • "In 2019, the majority of the company's 160.7 billion U.S. dollar revenues came from advertising through Google Sites or Google Network Sites."
  • "In 2019, Google Sites advertising revenue amounted to 113.26 billion U.S. dollars. The annual advertising revenue of Google network websites reached almost 21.6 billion U.S. dollars."
  • In the US, Google's annual ARPU was $256, while its global ARPU was $137.

Desktop and Mobile

  • In January 2020, Google had a desktop search engine market share of 80.97% in the U.S.
  • For the same period, Google had a mobile search engine market share of 94.5% in the U.S.
  • A 2018 report by the IAB, noted that overall mobile internet advertising revenue was $69.9 B in 2018, while desktop internet advertising was $37.6 B.


  • For this hour, we tried digging deeper to identify data points relevant to Google's revenue per search in US. We compiled the available data points in the requested spreadsheet, which can be accessed here.
  • The exact revenue per search in US by device type (desktop/mobile) did not appear publicly available, but we were able to identify Google's market share in the U.S. for each device.
  • In the course of our research, we also came across some general insights related to Google's Advertising Revenue and general statistics or insights on desktop vs. mobile internet advertising, which might also be of interest.
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