Google's Revenue Per Search- U.S


To determine Google's revenue per search in US, preferably split by desktop/mobile, to be used as an input information into a model.

Early Findings

Google Search Revenue Overview

  • Advertising revenue through search has always been crucial for Google and it constitutes 83.9% of Google parent company Alphabet’s revenue in 2019.
  • According to the new study by eMarketer, the U.S. search ad market is expected to grow nearly 18% in 2019 to reach $55.17 billion and Google holds a 73.1% share of that, equaling $40.3 billion.
  • In 2018, desktop search retained 48% share of US digital ad revenues while mobile accounted 52% of the revenue.
  • In October 2019, Google processed 10.72 billion search queries in US.
  • Using the annual Google search revenue figures, we can derive the monthly figure to be $3.4 billion for the US market. Therefore, Google's average revenue per search in US is $0.3.

Summary Of Early Findings

  • Our initial hour of research was spent searching for google ad/search revenue, specifically for US market, and the number of search queries processed by Google in US. Through this data we were able to derive the average revenue per search.
  • There is limited information available publicly regarding the exact revenue per search in US, especially by the split by device type (desktop/mobile). While there was some information available regarding Google's search engine market share by device type, most of the data was related to overall figures and not by region (US).
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Proposed next steps:

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We suggest continuing research to provide additional insights into the revenue per search data by device type (desktop/mobile). If there is insufficient information, we will expand to overall data instead of just focusing a particular region, US. The insights could include revenue and search queries split by device type.
To complement this, we suggest identifying 3-4 major insights in the revenue share model among the tech companies and how it has been evolving over the years. The insights could include revenue split among them and the top source for the revenue.