Government STEM Hire


To understand how government STEM pipelines can attract and retain workforce in order to develop content for a client's workshop.

Early Findings


How to Attract and Retain STEM Talent

Plan to change the world!

  • Stem candidates want to be a part of something big! They want their efforts to go toward changing the world.
  • Brands need to tell their story. Their story has to fit into how their products are changing/will change the world.
  • They would also like to know how they play a part in this big picture.

Be Transpararent

  • Transparency enhances retention.
  • This is achieved when employees can trust their management as well as their senior leadership.
  • There should be an intentional effort to be transparent around the STEM employees' priorities and initiatives.

Non-Traditional Hiring Tactics

  • It pays off to hire outside the box.
  • Additionally, investing in current employees shows candidates that this is a great place for growth.
  • Statistics show that 74% of employees are willing to retrain or learn a new skill to keep themselves employable.
  • Personalized learning paths that incorporate e-learning that is accessible on mobile devices is a great way to train or retrain employees.

Research proposal:

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