Research Outline

Graduate School Scholarships for Single Moms


To provide graduate school scholarships for single moms especially in sustainability, psychology, consciousness studies, climate change, real estate

Early Findings

Graduate School Scholarships for Single Moms

Coplan-Donohue Single Parent Scholarship, which awards scholarships of up to $2,000 to non-traditional/single-parent student with primary physical custody of children. The students must be full-time undergraduate or graduate student in any major attending Minnesota State University both fall and spring semesters of the upcoming academic year.
Graduate degrees include: Psychology as one of the Graduate Certificate Programs; and Ethnic and Multicultural Studies in the Master 's program.
Deadline: February 2020

The Lew Williams and Leila Sulkes Scholarships, which awards scholarships of $2000 for each academic year to women in undergraduate or graduate degree programs.
Deadline: July 31, 2020

American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been "one of the largest funders of women’s graduate education, investing in women who go on to change the world, since 1888." Some of these scholarships include the AAUW Reading Branch Graduate Scholarship, which awards scholarships of up to $2000 to Berks County (Pennsylvania) women who are pursuing full or part-time graduate study at an accredited educational institution.
Deadline: May 26, 2021.

Summary of Findings

In our preliminary hour of research, we found that there is information on graduate school scholarships for single parents, and specifically mothers. These scholarships are offered on the basis of various things including location (state), economic status, and field of study. We provided 3 of these scholarships.

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